Author’s Biography


My dog (Leo) and I

Hi there and hello!

I am pleased to meet you!  My name is Brian Kurkjian. I started in January of 2016, to reach both believers and nonbelievers.  My goal is to strengthen faith and reason for believers through apologetic instruction. For nonbelievers, I hope to provide a safe place where they can have their worldview challenged, and in turn, challenge the biblical worldview.  My hope through discussion, is that nonbelievers heed the call of the Holy Spirit and come to Christ.

My journey with Christ began in April of 2013 at 30 years of age, and I have been active in the church and as a member of the body of Christ ever since. I consider myself non-denominational and a novice apologist. Some may ask why I would start an apologetic blog if I consider myself a novice (studying apologetics since May 2015). The answer to that question is God called me to it.  I also love the subject, like debating other worldviews, and love talking about God and preaching the gospel.

I have been married to my lovely wife since October of 2007, and we have two beautiful daughters. We also have a dog – an Australian shepherd and whippet mix- named Leo, and currently reside in Bloomington, Illinois.

My education consists of an earned Doctorate in Education (EdD) from Argosy University.  I also hold a Master’s in Education (MEd) and a BA in Business from American InterContinental University.