Logic Miniseries: Part 3 – Informal Logic and Fallacies of Ambiguity

Time to make good on my promise of this section being the more interesting part of the miniseries.  Now that we know how the laws of logic work, coupled with some simple logistical vocabulary and methodology on how logic flows, we can now dive into the wonderful world of informal logic.   Otherwise called ordinary/everyday logic, informal logic seeks to Continue reading

Logic Miniseries: Part 2 – Introduction to Logistical Terminology

Now that you’ve recovered from Part 1 (the laws of logic), it’s time to move on to Part 2.  For my attention grabber: what if I told you we’re going to be learning some logistical vocabulary in this post?  Good, you’re still here!  To make the vocabulary a bit more attractive, what if I also told you that I’ll be using examples from unbelievers?  Okay, I hope by now we have a deal.  Apologetics doesn’t have to be boring.  It’s all about presentation!  So let’s get started… Continue reading

Logic Miniseries: Part 1 – The Laws of Logic

Have you ever defended your faith?  If not faith, a controversial topic (e.g. gun laws, abortion, death penalty, etc.)?  More than likely, you have (at least I hope you have at this point in your life).  However, do you think you provided a cogent (clear, logical) and persuasive argument?  Were you ever able to convince someone of your argument and convert them (so to speak) to your view?  Chances are, probably not.  Why?  Because many of us cannot provide a sound, logical argument. Continue reading