Are There Angels Among Us?

This piece of personal testimony is very important to me, as it proved to be a pivotal moment in my relationship with Christ. I still think about it often. Originally posted on another website in October of 2014, it serves as a reminder that we must allow Christ to continue to grow us as a new person in Him; never to deny Him, and to rejoice with those who are called brothers and sisters. The answer to the title of this blog post, Are There Angles Among Us, is of course yes! Hebrews 13:2 tells us “Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it.” Here is my account of entertaining an angel…

angelsattendingjesus2It was October of 2013, the day of my wife’s graduation. She was getting ready to walk in her graduation ceremony, having completed all the requirements for her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, I was and still am so very proud. The ceremony was in Phoenix, Arizona. Like many Phoenix days, it was warm and sunny with no clouds in the late morning hours. I was sitting and talking to my mother in-law when a middle aged gentleman who looked to be homeless but still carried himself well and spoke very fluently, came up to me and asked me if I believed in God, the God of the Holy Bible. Dismissively, with arms crossed, I said “no”. I wanted nothing to do with this man and I was in no mood to be talking about God at that moment. He looked at me strangely and said, “you don’t believe in Jesus Christ; the one who was sent by the Father to fulfill the law; the one who died on the cross for your sins and rose on the third day?” Again, I annoyingly said, “no”. The man persisted and asked me again for a third time, “so, you don’t believe that Jesus died for you and you have no interest in learning about Him?” For the last time, I said “no.” The man looked at me in disappointment and told me to have a blessed day.  I didn’t see him talk to anyone else after he spoke with me as he disappeared into the graduation crowds surrounding the auditorium.

This had no immediate effect on me as my attention was brought back to my mother in-law, engaging in further conversation while waiting for the doormen to let us in. It didn’t hit me until a couple days later, when an overwhelming feeling of conviction blanketed me. “What have I done”, I thought to myself. “I am new person in Christ and call myself a follower of Christ and a disciple of Christ, yet I denied Him openly when asked about what He did for us.” Was I really saved at that point, or was I just relishing in things that just sounded good to me in God’s Word at the time? I was hit again a few days after the initial conviction, when speaking to a fellow brother with this memory, but in a different context. Looking back on the situation, I knew that I was truly saved, but needed to be convicted and humbled to enable further growth. If I felt the way I did in my situation and what happened, I can’t even image how Peter must have felt when he denied Jesus three times.

peter_weepingWas this just a man who was preaching Jesus, or was this an angel, a messenger of God sent specifically to give me a subtle but imperative revelation as to what it truly means to be a follower of Christ? I believe it was the latter. What he said went straight for my heart, as God’s truth tends to do, and to the heart of the matter. It could have been that I was full of pride since I was newly saved and had been using God’s word in a sinister way instead of a way that glorified Him. Every time I think of that situation I am humbled and come to understand what faith and being a follower of Christ really means. Sometimes we Christians walk around with chests puffed up thinking we can take on anything but when our faith is tested, some of us cower and stumble, not truly knowing the love, nor the power of Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. What are some of us so afraid of? We know the promises God made to those who believe in the Son, so why are we so scared of exemplifying that? Our foundation is built upon a rock, not of sand. We may stumble, but we are never destroyed. Remember that the Lord loves each and every one of us and will seek to gather those who have wandered from His flock. His pursuit, like His love is endless. Pay attention to what’s happening around you and ask yourself, ‘am I remaining humble and true in my walk with the Lord and am I glorifying Him and His will for me’?


Author:  Brian Kurkjian, Ed.D

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